I won’t speak as a third party person and will keep it as real as it gets.

For those who’d like to hear my music, here is a free streaming URL exclusively for my SOLO DRUM clients….25 yrs!  Thank you!/Merci !

All 3 albums were recorded in studio 1 at SOLO DRUM with basic simple equipment and gear.

I would first like to thank everyone that’s listening to my music. It means a great deal to me as I am the sole creator of all my music; songwriting, arranging, lyrics, plus play all the instruments (drums, bass, all guitars, keys, percussion, lead and back vocals) and engineer all the mixing and mastering.

And of course with some awesome featured artist.

At a very young age, I was always tuned to music and absorbed all kinds of styles from jazz, rock, latin, pop, fusion but always had a connection with R&B Soul/Funk. At the age of six, I did my first gig at the Penthouse Night Club in Montreal playing trumpet alongside a record from the Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Band as a special attraction between band sets. Made $70 bucks in 2 nights…Woohoo!

Over the years, I played drums for various bands and did lots of gigs until 2000.  I had to put the breaks on gigging since starting a business in 1996  www.solodrum.com which is still going today.

After a lengthy break from gigging, it was always in the back of my head to start recording my ideas and finally got the engine going.

I released my first album ‘Here It Is!’ in 2016 featuring the lovely Donna Blunt who sang lead on five tracks.
Album#2 ‘Free’ featuring the awesome Mary Dee.
Album#3 ‘Funk It’ featuring the hip sounds on sax, Orville [Dr. Sax] Thompson and the groovy Chanda T. Holmes (vocals on the song ‘Dance’) oh yeah!


Album #1 [2016] Album #2 [2018] Album #3 [2020] Album #4 [… working!]