We are equipped for many levels of audio & video recording; from simple to high production.

Nous sommes équipés pour de nombreux niveaux d’enregistrement audio et vidéo; de la production simple à la production élevée.

Great recording room for the drummer or solo artist

This media room has been updated with a CPU and software to record your audio and video content at your fingertips. Simply click record! …and you can even livestream.

Studio 11 has all the bells & whistles. audio & video recording, stage and camera lighting, multiple cameras on tripods, gimbals, and zipline motion. We also record the session using Streamlabs (Open Broadcast Software) for camera switching just like television. A live video render of the session is nicely packaged in one simple 1080 MP4 file. This saves a great deal on editing cost and time. It brings editing to a minimal and yes, you can still patch and edit from the raw content you get from all the cameras as well.