Solodrum will be opening its doors on June 1. The whole music industry is in limbo because of the COVID-19 and hope to keep it alive as it is a great remedy to play music and cope through the difficult times. For the most part, I anticipate rough times ahead and will make little changes to help ease the fear. 1. Lots of soap (wash your hands!) 2. Available sanitizer 3. The slow times will help control the capacity of clients and will allow us to spreadout rehearsals for social distancing. 4. Maximum number of people per band studio is 6. 5. Total number of people on the premise not to exceed 25. 6. Clean necessary equipment that is needed with rubbing alcohol. (ex. Microphones and knobs) 7. Feel free to bring your own accessories or sanitizer products to help minimize the spread of germs and your safety comfort. After 23 years in business, we hope we can continue to offer our services and stay alive.

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